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About Annette:

I feel amazing today...

Do You?

As a personal wellness coach I am passionate about helping you improve your well being and achieve your personal health and fitness goals.


Herbalife nutrition is great for every body:

  • Are you tired, busy or stressed?
  • Are you looking to improve your health or boost your immune system?
  • Would you like to lose or gain weight?
  • Improve your sports performance?
  • Increase your energy?
  • Look and feel younger?
  • Would you like to feel amazing today?

Herbalife sports nutrition is great for every body:

  • regardless of age & pace..
  • regardless of what fitness level you're at..

..Herbalife24 will enhance your performance, stamina and recovery. 

Particularly brilliant for anyone looking to hit the next level, step things up a gear, really push through a barrier or break a pb; Herbalife24 will help you do just that!

 Herbalife products have turned my life around. I am fitter, healthier, brighter, lighter.... more energised and loving the way I feel amazing, every single day. 

Let me sprinkle some your way, contact me to see how I can help you feel amazing too.


In April 2007 I (Annette) felt generally unwell with a complete lack of energy. Like many people, I thought my diet was healthy and couldn't understand why after a visit to my doctor I was advised I had high blood pressure! Yes I had been feeling tired, yes my clothes seemed to be getting larger and it used to take about five outfits every morning before I found the one suitable! The doctor advised I lose weight! A postcard had been put through my door -  and after a phone call Mandy arrived the following day, although I was sceptical, I followed instructions! I dropped 4 dress sizes and lost 34 inches within a few months (Bob under instructions joined me and also had a wonderful weight loss result in a very short time ) we both felt amazing with renewed energy - we were totally in love with the products and have been ever since. We have easily maintained our weight loss over the past 8.5 years - its a wonderful feeling, knowing we will never again be overweight and unhealthy.

I joined the business a few weeks after taking the products, firstly to have the advantage of the 25% discount on the products, as I began to shrink, so friends and work colleagues started asking about the products, so I started to provide them with products and my Herbalife life became very busy - I was trying to do my marketing job for a local ice cream company and seeing my Herbalife clients during evenings - my phone seemed to be constantly ringing for Herbalife and my boss became aware and said he realized I would not be with him for much longer! He was correct as three months down the line I sacked my very lovely boss!! It just didnt make economical sense and I needed the time for my Herbalife clients.

 I expanded the business by offering my clients the business opportunity, some of which are now very successful Independent Herbalife Distributors - the beauty of our marketing plan is, the more you help your team and the more successful they become, the more Herbalife rewards you - these rewards are in the shape of royalty cheques paid monthly. I love working from home and travelling the world with our amazing Herbalife business. Herbalife have yearly vacations, which if you qualify, are fully paid luxury breaks !! I feel very fortunate to have the freedom to work the hours and the days I choose and find delight in helping people feel and look amazing and also have great pride in giving people the opportunity to join our team and have a better quality of life too !

Family and Personal Life

We are blessed with four very lovely grown up self sufficient children. We also have two beautiful grandson's and twin grand daughters. 


Interests and hobbies

We used to spend weekends riding our GSXR motorbike  -  our business has allowed us more free time, so we are now mad keen golf addicts. 

We are both totally hooked. Time is our most precious commodity and this business allows you the time to work around your family and find time for hobbies - golf is very addictive and we are very fontunate (thanks to Herbalife)  to be able to spend time and money on our very healthy addiction.

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